Professional Skin Care Made Simple

Skin Care Usage

Skin Care Usage


Choosing your skin care products can be confusing, concerning, and difficult at times. With “Cellz + Skin Care”™ you are certain to learn about your Skin, while making a more accurate choice of products for use at home. The skin Care Products are all color coded for simplicity, but this does not mean you know what your Skin Type is. Follow these simple steps so you will be well on your way to selecting items great for your Skin Care needs!


Step # 1: Take a look in the mirror, and see if your skin is blotchy, dry, irritated, has more freckles and brown spots that usual, is oily all over, not just the forehead and nose, or if it is really pink and sensitive.

Step # 2: Take your Pointer Finger and Middle Fingers, placed together, and now using both hands (using two fingers for the right side of your face, and two fingers for the left side of your face), and lightly press your cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, and around your eye area. What do you notice? Next, using both hands on each side of your face/lower cheek area, lightly press up and see if your skin moved easily. Was it really dry and wrinkled a lot with minimal pressure? Did you notice more black heads and larger pores when your skin was moved around and lightly pressed?

Step # 3: Take a moment to see what stood out most, and let’s analyze your Skin together to choose the most effective Skin Care COLOR and Category for you to use today.

YELLOW: If your Skin is sensitive, is prone to rashes, rosacea, psoriasis, experiences pink and flushed skin when exposed to heat, non-organic materials, and feels tight after using products, look for a YELLOW BOX on the front of all your Skin Care Products.

GREEN: If your skin is somewhat normal, varies from dry to oily, has occasional break outs, and your skin feels like minimal concerns apply, look for a GREEN BOX on the front of all your Skin Care Products.

ORANGE: If you have Oily Skin, Acne Prone lesions, and large pores on your Skin, look for an ORANGE BOX on the front of all your Skin Care Products.

BLUE: If your Skin is Mature, Dry, Sallow, has brown spots (sun or aging spots), feels thin, has wrinkles, feels like the elasticity is not as strong, look for a BLUE BOX on the front of all your Skin Care Products.

You will notice that most of the “Cellz + Skin Care”™ Products have multiple colored boxes on the front of the Products; this is not to confuse you. These are merely guides, and learning tools for you to use while selecting your Products that are right for you and important for long term and healthy Skin Care! Many of the Products carry Clinical Grade and Anti-Oxidant based and Botanical Ingredients to benefit more than one type of skin! If you have fairly decent skin but want Anti-Aging benefits, you would look for products that are GREEN & BLUE color coded.


Everyone needs three (3) important fundamentals to ensure proper Skin Care:

  • Cleanser
  • Exfoliator
  • Moisturizer

Cleansers are the first step and most important part of any Skin Care. Cleansers are the main source of opening your pores, ridding of makeup, SPF, Sunscreen, and/or debris, and ensuring your natural oils on your face are not stripped. Exfoliators are essential to ridding your skin of dead skin cells, which allows for newer and healthier cell growth, lessen brown spots from their resurfacing properties, and they also limit ones skin to dry out as easy. Moisturizers are the last thing you should apply, for it is the skins protective barrier, rehydrator, oil balancer, and possibly an SPF that is key to protecting the skin from drying out, gaining sun damage, and risking clogged pores.


Although everyone needs a Cleanser, Exfoliator, and Moisturizer to maintain healthy skin, we all have different needs and may require more advancement treatments. Serums are excellent for they have smaller molecular ingredients to go below the skins surface and combat sun damage and dead skin cells faster. Examples: Vitamin C helps fight free radical damage, lighten sun spots, increase elasticity, and balance pigmentation. The Vita C + Serum is a 10% Vitamin C that is excellent for nourishing the skin and helping one achieve healthier skin cells while lessening aging skin. The Retinol + Firming Serum is a more aggressive Serum that contains both Vitamin C and Vitamin A, which is great for lessening inflammation, lightening brown spots, is great for wrinkles and tightening the skin; this should only be used at night and one should avoid sun exposure while using this Serum.

When you purchase a Serum or Resurfacing Exfoliator, so you should only use one pump of the product, or you are over using it! Serums and Resurfacing gels are accelerated products, so less is more! If you purchase our Herbal Make Up Remover, you will need at least two (2) pumps on a cotton swab, for it is not being applied directly to the skin. This is normal for the remover will be lightly absorbed by your choice of cotton swabs or removing pads.


1. Apply and remove Cleanser. Avoid cleansing clothes or wash rags; use ½ pump of Cleanser and lightly massage over closed eves, face, and jaw line for 1-2 minutes, then rinse off Cleanser with luke warm water. Pat dry face for next Application.

2. Apply Toner or Clarifier. Spray two (2) to three (3) squirts of Toner in hands, and pat both hands together and pat all over entire face until absorbed. Move to next Application.

3. Apply Exfoliator or Resurfacing Product. If you purchased our Exfoliating Cleanser, you will treat this Exfoliating Cleanser as a Cleanser in # 1. Avoid the eyes, rinse off with luke warm water. Pat dry face for next Application. If you have a Resurfacing Product such as the C + Resurfacing Gel or Glycolic 15%, apply one pump of this to finger tips, and quickly apply all over your face. A tingling or mild burning sensation may occur. If this feels irritating after five (5) to ten (10) minutes, rinse off, pat dry, and skip to next Application. If not keep the Resurfacing Product on and move to next Application.

4. Apply Serum. Use one pump only for this is a Treatment Product that needs to remain on face and needs to settle into the skin. Wait at least one (1) to two (2) minutes before applying your Moisturizer.

5.  Apply Moisturizer. Apply a pea size of your Moisturizer to entire face. Using your finger tips only, take the pea size portion of the Moisturizer, pat a small dab on both cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead, and evenly distribute the Moisturizer on face. ONLY use the C + Moisturizer SPF 30 for morning and day use. Avoid going to bed with SPF on face! All other Moisturizers can be used for both day and night!